Besides the actual production we can provide, as service, a wide range of additional services. The most common services are set out below. In case you have any questions, or if you would like to know whether other kinds of services are being delivered as well, please contact our team in order to discuss the possibilities.

Surface treatments

Lubricants are used within the production of metal conveyor belts and besides, belts are often being welded. It could be possible that the remnants of lubricants and that the discolouration as a consequence of the welding processes are undesirable. In such cases we can offer an external treatment to the belts.

The first possibility is to clean the belts industrially. By carrying this out we can ensure that the residues of the production process are being removed completely. This in contrast to the cleaning treatment of the belts at our place. When the belts are cleaned at our place it is only possible to remove the coarse contamination.

Another possible after treatment is to stain the conveyor belt. Staining is the right surface treatment if you want the belt entirely free of inconsistencies within the surface material. All the undesirable elements at the surface of types of stainless steel are being removed during this process. This treatment can’t be applied to non processed steel.


It is, because of the increasing demands in the field of quality and traceability, for our customers sometimes desirable to receive documentation along with the products.
Thereby you can think of a material certificate of the wire or strip steel from which the conveyor belt is made. Also ‘’certificates of no objection’’, to be used in the food industry, are common. Because these are required to be delivered on the customers name it is not possible to put them as a download on our website. We can however, sent them for free upon request.


Recognition of your supplies is essential. It is in today’s logistic world necessary to encode products in the right way. Our deliveries are standard being provided with a label consisting data like your and our order number. It is however, also possible to adjust the date on this label. Besides, its possible for this label to become better suited for the the logistic needs of our customer. It is even possible to get your article number as a barcode on these labels.


It is, for the maintenance and the ease of assembling the conveyor belt, important to package the belt in the right way. We normally roll the belt up onto a metal pipe and we package him in a solid wooden box. These wooden boxes comply with the ISPM 15 standard and may therefore be used for international transport without further restrictions. It is also a possibility, for small packages (within the pallet dimensions) to seal the belt, in order to subsequently secure it on a pallet.


The term fulfilment is comprehensive. We consider it as the ultimate way to unburden our business relations. With this we mean that we take away some proceedings and risks of our customers. We are for example willing to keep certain products for you at stock. We can even go that far that we take the distribution out of your hands and that we sent your products directly and eventually neutral packaged to your end customer.


In order to be sure that the belt will fulfil its function fast and as desired, you can choose to leave the mounting up to us. We have been working together with some regular partners who can mount your conveyor belt at your place and in a professional manner. They have, in order to draw the belts very accurately in the installation, special tools at their disposal. They also keep present up and until the ‘’hot run’’ test of the installation. In this way you are, from the beginning until the end, guaranteed of a good result.