The STR belt consists of metal strips bended in a honeycomb shape, which are assembled to one another by means of straight cross rods. The ends of these cross rods are secured by means of welded rings (STRG) or by hooking the cross rods, in a U-shape, back into the belt (STRU).
The belt, in contradiction to belt type 1400: STR, consists of a strip belt which can’t rotate in the radius.

More info

  • – Longitunal pitch of the cross rods: 13,7 mm up to 50 mm
  • – Lateral pitch of the strips: 14,7 mm up to 32 mm
  • – Thickness of the strips: 1,2 / 1,5 / 1,6 mm
  • – Height of the strip: 7,0 / 9,5 / 10,5 / 12,5 / 12,7 / 16,0 / 18,0 mm
  • – Cross rod wire: ø 2,7 / 3,0 / 4,0 / 4,9 mm
  • – Materials: 1.0304 (non processed or galvanized), 1.4301, 1.4401, 1.4541, 1.4828
  • – Temperature range: cryogenic up to approximately 600 °C
  • – Range of the width of the belt: from approximately 50 mm up to 3500 mm

The STRU/STRG belts are characterised by:

  • – Drive on the basis of sprockets wheels, no chance on belt slip
  • – Very straight belt run due to the positioned drive elements
  • – Very heavy loads are possible
  • – Recommended support: strips in herringbone motive
  • – Relatively big openings and thereby also a large passing range
  • – Simple to clean since no residue can accumulate in the spirals
  • – Uniform heat transfer
  • – In comparison with other belt types, a long life-span can be realized. It is possible to extend it by using eccentric placed cross rods
  • – Tools are inflexible; not every combination of longitunal pitch/mesh/ eye link wire/cross rod wire is possible

The strip belt, just as the eye link conveyor belt, mainly finds its application in tunnel installations for the baking, cooling, freezing, pasteurizing and smoking of several food products. A strip belt is just that stable and robust as an eye link conveyor belt. The main advantage of the last mentioned is the less amount of friction in the belt. This causes a decrease in the sound emissions of the belt. It is, in contrast to Type 1400: STR-belt, not possible to use the strip belt in a cool tower.

Drive elements

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