The WHG belt, also called conventional mesh, is the simplest version of a woven belt. The belt consists of only a few left and right spirals twisted into one another. The ends of the spirals are, by means of a weld, connected to one another. The WHG is rarely used for transport since it is difficult to drive this belt rectilinear.

More info

  • – Longitunal pitch: approximately 3 mm up to 30 mm
  • – Lateral pitch: approximately. 5 mm up to 65 mm
  • – Spiral wire: ø 0,7 mm up to 4 mm
  • – Materials: all obtainable wire types in tensile strengths of 600 – 1050 N/mm2
  • – Temperature range: normal ambient conditions
  • – Range of the width of the belt: 14 mm – 6500 mm
  • – Lateral chains are a possibility (take a look at Type 1000: KE)

The WHG/WHU/WHDG belts are characterised by:

  • – It is, due to the construction with only left or right spirals, not possible to realize this belt as a conveyor belt. This is the case since the belt will move to the left, or it will move to the right
  • – A straight belt run is possible when the belt is constructed alternately from equal pieces of left and subsequently right spirals
  • – When used as a conveyor belt, drive on the basis of friction.
  • – Preferred support: herringbone motive with a PE1000 contact surface
  • – Due to its open structure suitable for washing and drying products
  • – Due to the belts open structure, simple to clean
  • – Tools are inflexible; not every combination of longitunal pitch/lateral pitch/ spiral wire/cross rod wire is possible.
  • – Cost technically very favourable
  • – Also possible with a turned over, instead of welded side finishing, the indication then becomes WHU.
  • – Also possible with double twined spirals per cross rod, the indication is then WHDG

Even though conventional mesh belts are not preferred to be used as conveyor belts, there are still diverse applications to mention:

  • – As belt overlay of “Type 1000: KE”
  • – As architectonical mesh, for example as façade coverage
  • – As safety screening, for example with lifting plateaus
  • – As screening, for example for open log fires
  • – As jewellery