A Type 1200T: SCH drive drum is made up of special discs welded on a thick walled tube. This thick walled tube is being constructed on the basis of total belt width and loading. In order to install the drums in the installation, shaft ends are placed at the end of the belt.
Since the combination of belt design, width, load and temperature is always unique, a special drive drum is designed for each Type 1200: SCH belt

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The disc drums for the eye link belts are designed and drawn by Tribelt. For this production, we already work for years together with regular partners. The most important parameters of a disc drum are:

  • – Drive- or idle drums
  • – Amount of teeth (longitunal pitch circle)
  • – Loads (thickness of the tube and shaft ends)
  • – Width and division of the compartments of the bar link belt
  • – Details interface drum – installation (shaft-hubs)
  • – Type(s) of material

The SCH disc drums are characterised by:

  • – Very equal drive of the belt whereby a longer life span of the belt is ensured
  • – Heavy loads are possible due to the intrinsic stiffness of the construction
    – Good positioning of the belt in installations
  • – Only 1 part which prepares the shaft in one time
  • – Entirely “welded through” connections between discs and strips. Especially carried out to take care of the expansion of the belt into the width direction
  • – In order to be able to ‘rotate’ the shaft, drive drums should be executed with shaft end

When a Type 1200: SCH belt is used, a disc drum serves as a drive. The applications are therefore similar to those of the SCH belt:

  • – Belt in a transport run for cooling heavy castings
  • – Belt in branch directed tunnel ovens for the purpose of preheating forged products
  • – Belt in a tempering furnace of coarse plate material in a rolling mill of a blast furnace complex

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