A cage drum is a more open construction compared to Type 1100B: tube drums.
Cage drums are being manufactured from a basic shaft, with discs on it. Strips are, depending on the amount of teeth, welded at the outside of these discs.
A cage drum could also be ‘’turned’’ when a double shaft end is being placed.

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The cage drums for eye link conveyor belts are designed and drawn by Tribelt. We work, for this production, already for several years together with regular partners. The most important parameters of cage drums are:

  • – Drive- or idle drum
  • – Amount of teeth
  • – Load (thickness of strips and tapped hole and amount of discs)
  • – Width and division of the compartments of the eye link conveyor belt
  • – Details interface drums – installation (shaft -hubs)
  • – Type(s) of material

The OGB(-L) tube drums are characterised by:

  • – Very equal drive of the belt which ensures a longer life span of belt
  • – Heavy loads are possible due to the intrinsic stiffness of the construction
  • – Good positioning of the belt in the installations
  • – Only 1 part which prepares the shaft in one time
  • – Entirely “welded through” connections between discs and strips.
  • – Drive drums should be executed with double shaft ends, in order to enable the shaft to be turned
  • – In case of the above mentioned, also a version with double strip

Tribelt will always advise a drive drum in the case of an eye link conveyor belt with heavy loads. The first option is a cage drum. When the cage drum is not an option because of hygienic considerations, it is possible to choose Type 1100B: tube drum. Several applications whereby cage drums are used are;

  • – Industrial ovens in bread & pastry
  • – Cooling and freezing systems
  • – Drying systems

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