Type 1000: KE belts are driven by means of chain wheels. When a standard chain is chosen, it is of course possible to deliver the standard sprockets wheels along with it. Tribelt has the opportunity to produce these sprockets wheels themselves. We can exactly produce these according to customer specifications.  Thereby you could think of a diameter, amount of teeth, key way, hub (width), etc.

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The sprockets wheels for the chain-edge belts are produced by ourselves (unless it are standard gear wheels). This enables us to realize nearly all technical versions of the sprocketss. The major parameters in there, are the amount of teeth (cross circle), width, types of material, bore, whether or not a key way and whether or not a tapped hole (with set screw). There are certain recommendations to be made for there parameters;

  • – Amount of teeth (longitunal pitch circle); recommendation 8 up to 20
  • – Width of the sprockets disc; depending on the chain
  • – Width of the hub; in conformity with customer specifications
  • – Materials: 1.4305 (SS), 1.0503 (C45)
  • – Bore: in conformity with customer specifications
  • – Key way: always (idle rollers could possible do without)
  • – Tapped hole: to prevent the axle of getting damaged, it is preferred to secure the middle roller on the key way and not on the axle.

The KE sprockets wheels, including the positive driven principle of chain-edge belts, are characterised by:

  • Traction on the basis of sprockets wheels; no chance on belt slip
  • – When possible, standard sprockets are advised, these are always bought in combination with the chains
  • – A KE-belt may never be used under (large) post-tensioning
  • – The advice is to replace the sprockets at the same time as when the belts are being replaced

Sprockets wheels are used when a Type 1000:KE belt is being used. The applications for this belt are thus similar:

– Bake-/fry ovens
– Grill-tunnels
– Freezing systems
– Shrink-wrapping
– Belts in feed conveyors (often in combination with cross flights and side guards)

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