The ClearTrac Belt (CTB), also known as the positively driven balanced weave belt (WG-PA), is concerning its construction nearly identical to ‘’Type 100: WG’’. A CTB/WG-PA however has narrower tolerances on the longitunal- and lateral pitch.

These narrower tolerances are required since this belt is driven by sprockets. If the tolerances are not tight enough the belt will ‘walk onto’ the teeth of the sprockets.

More info

  • – Longitunal pitch: 3,8 up to 19,05 mm
  • – Lateral pitch: 3,7 up to 16,93 mm
  • – Spiral wire: ø 0,8 up to 2,0 mm
  • – Cross rod wire: ø 1,2 up to 2,0 mm
  • – Materials: standard in AISI304, others upon request
  • – Temperature range: ambient up to approximately 400 °C
  • – Range of the width of the belt: producible up to 6500 mm, max. delivered 4500 mm
  • – Possibility to install special product carriers
  • – Heightened side guards are a possibility
  • – Possibility to attach cross flights

De CTB / WG-PA belts are characterised by:

  • – Drive on the basis of sprockets; no chance on belt slip
  • – A straight belt run is guaranteed by positioned sprockets
  • – This belt is, especially in the case of a high width/length dimensions, preferred among the other woven belts. This is the case since it is in the last case difficult to manage a straight belt run.
  • – Preferred support: herringbone motive with a PE1000 contact surface
  • – The spirals remain in their position due to undulated cross rods
  • – Very small take-over possible
  • – Belts with a relatively large passing range
  • – Very flexible since every set of spiral-cross rod is separate from the following set
  • – This belt is normally not used in combination with heavy loads and/or large belt lengths. Type 100: WG or Type 1100: OGB-L are better suited in such cases
  • – Extra accuracy with mounting is required; connection should always be from the left onto the right spiral and “twisted” spirals should be avoided (especially with CTB60-60-18)
  • – Tools are inflexible; not every combination of longitunal pitch / lateral pitch / spiral wire / cross rod wire is possible
  • – No steering is required since the belt is positioned by sprocketss. The combination of belt/installation is therefore very cost-effective
  • – A positively driven belt like this one, serves the best when it isn’t provided of post-tension. There is normally, by passing through the last part of the belt, enough belt tension created to keep the belt on the sprockets (the one and another are depending on the belt run)

Balanced weave belts (CTB/WG-PA) driven by sprockets are usually used in installations whereby, due to high width/length dimensions, problems arise with a straight belt run.

Next to that, these belts are also used in relatively short installations whereby we speak of light loads. It is then not necessary to install span devices and steering.

Several common applications are:

      • – Take- over installations just before or just after oven installations
      • – Drying systems for example sachets, flasks, etc.
      • – Sterilisation equipment in the pharmaceutical industry

Drive elements

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