Before the products can get into packages, they should sometimes be cleaned first.
This could refer to washing with clean water, but sometimes cleaning processes require industrial techniques. It is possible as well that packages first get cleaned before they can get toppled. Besides, logistic aid is used as crates. These crates should be cleaned before they go back again into the chain. These processes often take place in industrial installations whereby metal belts are used as a transport system.

Oils or oil like media are often used when metal parts are being produced. It is for the receiver of the product a requirement to receive clean products. It is therefore required to clean the parts. This happens by means of industrial cleaning techniques, whereby special machines are designed in the case of high production quantities. Our eye link conveyor belts are applied in many of these installations since they both have a stable belt run and the possibility to install special items (take a look at ‘’specials’’).

The Netherlands cultivates a lot of crops in order to subsequently distribute them around the world. Before these products can get packaged neatly, they should often have been cleaned first. They are during this process released of sand and vermin. Especially the presence of sand causes the cleaning to be a wear-sensitive process.

This means that metal belts are quickly seen as eligible for maintaining the acceptable life span of an installation.

Before packages can get toppled, it is often necessary to clean them first. This is especially a requirement with regard to the food products. In advance of the toppling process, bottles, bags, cans, bins and other types of packaging are often put through complete cleaning systems. In many cases this takes place in installations consisting of metal bets, especially when the cleaning is done at high temperature.

Before crates (and other similar logistic aid) are offered in a process, they often need to be cleaned thoroughly first.

Users often have industrial wash installations for this, whereby the crates (or similar) are cleaned at high temperatures.

Metal belts are often used because of the high temperatures. Plastic belts are then not appropriate anymore. Especially positively driven belts as OGB-L belts are in this case proper to use.

The metal belts in industrial wash- and cleaning installations are more often installed with special options. This is for example done in order to be able to determine the location of the product.

Specials could also be necessary for less complex situations. Smooth or round products are forced to be taken along due to the application of cross flights in the belt.

The cooperation between Tribelt and De Spiraal provides us of all the opportunities to design and produce all kind of aids. The strangest types of cross flights, product carries, side guards and other elements have been recently developed jointly with our customers. We of course gladly think along with you for an appropriate solution.