High temperature processes are the central aspect in the market of Thermprocesses.
We could thereby refer to divergent products, with each their own production technologies. However, the factor these divergent products share is that they are manufactured under (extreme) high temperatures.

In order to get the products through the installation, metals belts are used.
Tribelt produces these belt types. They can, at the same time, advise you in terms of heat resistant conveyor belts.

The so called heavy industry is located at the beginning of the chain of production and with the transformation of metal and metal parts. Thereby we think of blast-furnaces and rolling mills but also of industries whereby large lumps of heated material are transformed in one time. The manufacture processes that take place within the heavy industry impose the most extreme conditions on our metal belts; huge loads with high temperatures. These kind of projects are always very challenging.

When a production-colleague pops up in the picture, months have already passed by in which the technical feasibilities of the belt have been calculated.

The belts used in this industry nearly always consist of heavy bar links made from strip material which is connected by means of thick connection rods, the cross rods. Take also a look at “type 1200: SCH belts”.

A warmth treatment should nearly always be given to the metal products and components used for production. This is either done to let the tension slip away from the material, or to give the surface a hard (wear-resistant) layer. Hard soldering however, is a process whereby metal components are secured on a carrier (for example a wafer).

High temperatures are used for these processes, which take place in tunnel ovens.
The installations look partly the same, but they are always specifically designed for a certain product-process combination. Tribelt is familiar with both, the required production techniques and the materials for these belt types. We are furthermore, for years already experienced with this production.

There are, in order to keep the delivery time manageable, diverse exotic materials as Inconel(s), NiCrV, high-quality types of SS etc. held in stock.

Solar actually belongs to the ‘’Thermprocess’’ applications. Tribelt however, considers this as a major market. Take a look at ‘’Solar’’.

The industry concerned with glass and glass like products is familiar with metal belts. These belts are applied at different places in the production process. Tempering furnaces are thereby the most common application. Foamglass is perhaps an application less people are familiar with. This is isolating and stabilizing building material. Glass splinters are for this purpose transformed to foam like products.
‘’Type 100: WG belts”, which are manufactured from AISI309, AISI314 en 253MA, are used for this production.