Packaging has become a specialism in the industrial world. While preparing the packaging and during the packaging itself, diverse processes, in which metal belts area active, are applied. The most common processes are mentioned and described below.

When products are packaged, and subsequently assembled in a carton or tray until ‘’bulk packaging’’, foil often needs to be wrapped around this. This type of foil is often applied in shrink tunnels. Foil gets heated and is being pulled among the bulk packaging.

This takes place under relatively high temperatures, and that’s why metal belts are frequently used. A chain belt with a WG or spiral overlay is a common solution for this.

When you want to topple packages, it is sometimes necessary to have an installation with metal belts in it. One reason for this could be that the toppling medium is too aggressive for a plastic belt. The second reason could be that the temperature with toppling is too high. A positively driven belt, such as an eye link conveyor belt, is a nice solution for such applications. Other belt types however, could also be in the running. Depending on the preconditions, we can think along with you to gain the optimal solution.

Before the products are packaged, the packages should be dried. It could also be the case that the products themselves should be dried first. There are different techniques possible for drying. Each manufacturer of the machine has its own concept and principles.

Metal belts are in many cases used for transport in the installations. Tribelt supplies to many machine manufacturers building installations for either, the drying or packaging of products. We are very experienced with the different belt types that are appropriate for this.

Before a product can be packaged, it is in diverse industries required to kill micro-organisms. Well-known techniques for this are sterilisation and pasteurization. Such a process can both be applied on the product, as well as on the package. In order to realize sterilisation and pasteurization processes, metal belts are used in diverse types of installations. Whether it is for the food industry or for the pharmaceutical branch, Tribelt is experienced with regard to the production these belts. The type of belt doesn’t matter either, woven belts, eye link conveyor belts, positively driven belts, versions with chains, etc. There are many different versions known for these processes and Tribelt has the knowledge for this at her disposal.

Tribelt considers the washing and cleaning of products and/or packages as a major market. This is the case because it takes place so often. We would therefore like to refer you to the page ‘’Washing and cleaning’’.