We have mentioned the ‘’bread & pastry’’ and the ‘’AGF processing industry’’ as the major markets.
However, this doesn’t mean that the other sectors within the food branch aren’t important to us. Nothing could be further from the truth, since the ‘other food’’ contributes for approximately 10% to our total turnover. A substantial part of which we are proud.

Within the other food category there are once more 4 important groups to appoint. These are explained below.

Fishery is known for its diligent world for seasoned men. After all, who doesn’t know the famous “fisherman’s friend”? Reliable materials are required in this, sometimes hard world; men should always be able to trust their installations and her parts, especially at sea. The belts from Tribelt meet these requirements. The belts used on boats are made of high-quality types of SS, since these deal with salty circumstances. While designing, we of course take into account that these boats should handle certain severe circumstances. But Tribelt can also produce the correct belts for you with regard to the steps that follow later, as for example with glaze and freezing. We would like to change thoughts with you about our opportunities since it is simply impossible to present all the types and versions here.

Metal belts are hardly used in slaughter houses. However, the belts from Tribelt are definitely not unknown in the subsequent steps.
Installations with metal belts often offer the solution when meat should be processed.
Metal belts are, with regard to industrial applications, the solution. It thereby doesn’t matter whether its about heat-adding processes, such as blanching, steaming, cooking, grilling, baking and frying, or whether its about cold process operations (cooling and freezing). The installations particularly designed for these functions often consist of a rectilinear belt run. Installations making a turn or even spiral shaped towers can be carried out with metal belts.

Furthermore, in order to prevent the products from sliding or from remaining still, it is often desired to produce the belt with special options.

Several food products are brought together during the production of pre-heated meals. They are then packaged into one meal. With this separate preparation, process steps appear which have just been explained above or which are mentioned within the category ‘’AFG processed industry’’. Freezing and cooling the meals as one meal is the last step in the preparation of pre-heated meals. Industrial installations in which metal conveyor belts rotate, are used for this purpose. In this case it doesn’t matter whether it is a tunnel installation or whether it is a tower installation. Tribelt can produce these metal belts according to certain measurements, possibly including side guards and/or cross flights.

The production of food for our pets/animals is, just like the production of food for humans, carried out on an industrial scale. Food for out pets/animals is made in these factories according to the same production processes of human food. Preparing, baking, drying and cooling are as well common adjustment processes in the pet food industry.

Tribelt can deliver and produce each desired type of metal for this sector of the food branch.