Next to the most common application as a metal conveyor belt, the products of Tribelt find their way as well as design- or safety items. You could hereby think off many sub categories, but the most common are described below. The products from Tribelt doesn’t have to be used as conveyor belts. They can also serve as an aesthetically well-considered view and as screening. Furthermore, they could serve to reduce the incidence of light, as carrying surface and our products are besides, just beautiful.

The products of Tribelt have a stunning view. Especially when the different structures are made from high-quality types of SS. These are, as big surfaces, placed in front of modern buildings, and they glitter in the beautiful sunlight.

The choice of the structure and the material is of course depending on the taste of the
architect and/or her customer. The fact remains that beautiful creations can be made. We of course gladly think along about the technical realizable opportunities.

In essence, any kind of metal belt can be used as an architectonical product.
The mesh structured types are however the most familiar. “Type 600: WH” is thereby the most common. This mesh is obtainable with different openings. It can furthermore be offered in different wire thicknesses. There is even a free choice of material, however, it must be said that galvanised wire or SS (AISI304) is mostly been chosen.

In addition to the aesthetic applications in architecture, the mesh structures produced at Tribelt can function as well for other aims than metal conveyor belts.

The mesh of ‘’Type 600: WH’’ serves very well as safety screening in for example lifting plateaus. Big rolls of mesh leave almost weekly our factory to be eventually used for this purpose.

A very special application of our belt balanced weave like belt structures is its processing to jewellery.
The woven part and then the welded part are by the jeweller provided of closures, since they then can be worn as bracelets or necklaces.
We therefore process, next to our standard materials, of course also (white) gold and silver.

The metal structures produced by Tribelt, could also be used as fabric for furniture.
We have gained experience by carrying out fabric of a closed woven “Type 400: WG-I” in phosphor bronze. This fabric has eventually been used as bearing surface (seat surface) of a design chair. Other structures and other materials can also find their way in furniture like applications. We gladly think along with you about the opportunities in this area.