We are, since November 2015, together with our sister company De Spiraal BV, settled at the Metaalstraat 9 in Haaksbergen. This location offers us the space and facilities which were limited at our previous location. To give an indication, the shopfloor covers 9000 m2 on a total ground surface of more than 2,5 hectare. Because of this we are capable of setting up more machines for the manufacturing process and we can ensure a better logistic flow of our production activities.

Required facilities per work unit are being facilitated from central positions through which an ideal work environment is being created. We try to realise, together with ergonomic aspects, such as the incidence of light, sound level, air quality and work attitude, optimal circumstances in which our colleagues are daily active.

Due to the central place in the middle of our most important sales market, North-western Europe, we are, for all of our customers, good attainable. We are settled near primary traffic networks (A1/A35/N18). Besides, diverse airports are attainable within approximately 1.5 hours (Schiphol, Eindhoven, Eelde, Münster-Osnabrück, Dortmund, Düsseldorf and Köln).