At the beginning of the new millennium the right ingredients came together which could ensure the establishment of Tribelt BV. De Spiraal converted, already for a long period of time, strip steel and wire into a wide variety of products under which one particular conveyor belt, the ladder belt.

De Spiraal had, at that moment, employees at service who contained, out of previous work experience, a broader knowledge concerning the field of metal conveyor belts. Thereby came the idea to manufacture, next to ladder belts, also other types of conveyor belts. With the commissioning of some machines in order to produce woven belts the decision was made to accommodate this section in a separate division. This made the establishment of Tribelt BV a fact.
There has been a continuous expansion of the machinery during the first decade of this century. This enabled Tribelt to manufacture more types of metal belts. Due to the fact that an other metal belt producer ender her production activities within this region in 2009, Tribelt could appeal to many experienced employees of our branch. It was, due to the availability of all the craftsmanship, possible to realise a considerable growth without endangering the quality of the belts.

Tribelt has, just as its sister company De Spiraal, moved from Hengelo to Haaksbergen in November 2015. A new establishment was necessary, both due to the growth of both companies and the associated further expansion of the machinery. Especially the new production line of so-called belts for spiral systems of Tribelt and the ambition to grow within that line makes that this move to Haaksbergen offers us great possibilities.