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Producing metal conveyor belts

Tribelt is a versatile supplier, or preferably said a partner. Originally we are known as a factory, however, we do not limit ourselves to the production processes only. Due to our experience and knowledge we know everything about the manufacturing process of metal belts. By means of advising, delivering customization and by subsequently granting service, we think along with our customers during the entire process. The customer is the central aspect, and that’s whom we invest in. Each day again.

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Tribelt develops and produces a wide variety of metal conveyor belts from wire and strip steel. With more than 70 years of experience and the present craftsmanship, we gladly think along with our principals from the initial stage. We already take advantage of our technical knowledge when drafts are being made. We are therefore able to supply products to our customers, which meet their specific demands. We are versatile and we are nearly always able to meet the criteria of the varied desires of our customers. With our modern, comprehensive and advanced machinery we possess, for almost every order, the appropriate productive resources.