From September 25th up to 29th the POLAGRA-TECH exhibition was held in Poznan (Poland). Tribelt and De Spiraal were present at this exhibition to show their products to the Polish market. Since Poland is a country with a huge agricultural economy both Tribelt and De Spiraal see lots of opportunities in this country.

Earlier this year both companies started an intensive cooperation with PHU Altura Izabela Prorok to intensify our activities to the Polish market. To our opinion it is important to have local presence in abroad markets. This gives our (potential) clients the possibility to communicate in their own language with somebody who understand local tradition and culture. We believe we found in PHU Altura a perfect partner.

For as well Tribelt as De Spiraal this was the first edition of POLAGRA-TECH. During the exhibition we acquired many new contacts. This means we achieved our objective, which was gaining familiarization of our companies in Poland. Because of this we would like to emphasize that the first exhibition in Poland was successful!