A new year, new objectives, new challenges!


2017 has began and we have all wished each other a happy new year. The time of looking at the past has gone by, since a lot new is to come. The objectives for 2017 have been made and they bring challenges with them. Tribelt has already set up some very interesting objectives for 2017.

Our customers and employees are the central aspect in everything we do. We notice that our short lead time is getting more important, and that’s why we will focus us this year on a further increasing flexibility of the production. We therefore have, at the end of 2016, put a new machine in operation for the production of balanced weave belts. This machine is able to facilitate the production of balance weave belts in a very effective manner. This machine can, as expected, be used optimally at the end of the first quarter. This will be the starting point for some other, similar machines. We will focus us, in the field of woven belts, on a considerable expansion of the capacity, with the result to increase the flexibility correspondingly.

Furthermore, another important aspect for Tribelt is to increase the company awareness within the upcoming years. In 2017 we will continue working on the digital presentation of our organisation(s), and on the ability to reach us.  Besides, 2017 will be the year in which it is all about the preparations for the ‘great’ exhibition year, 2018. With the upcoming ESEF, Anuga Foodtech, Thermprocess, IBA and FMB we dare to say that there is a lot of work that needs to be done.

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