New mesh weaving machinery under construction


Every industrial bakery is familiar with the situation, belt rupture of take-over equipment. A huge problem since the complete line is stopped! Every moment counts, so the availability of a replacement belt is crucial. Most of the time the belt can be repaired for a short period of time, but a new belt needs to be delivered as soon as possible.

Tribelt is currently investing on further flexibilization of the weaving department. This is where such take-over belts are manufactured. We expect to be able to dispatch such take over belts within a period of a couple of days when this project regarding flexibilization is finished. For maintenance and service departments a nice thought since they need to keep the line running during the period between belt repair and delivery of the new belt!

Previous mentioned take-over belts are part of the woven mesh belt family. For production of these belts spiral coiling equipment is an important asset. Despite we can already appeal on a wide range of this type of equipment, we are currently constructing and optimizing the new generation of machines. Implementation of best practices and new techniques in the design of the machines guarantees our machinery to be state of the art and the most effective as can be found.