Digital support to business relations


The employees of Tribelt have gained knowledge and experience due to their years of activities in the field of metal belts. We gladly apply this knowledge in order to advise our customers as best as possible. Nowadays, we more often notice that (potential) customers would like to search for information themselves. That’s why we have been working so hard on our website.

Our new website is provided with a lot of product information on the different belt types which we produce and sell on the market. However, the information which can be found on our website absolutely doesn’t cover all the aspects, in fact, that’s impossible. We believe that it is important to provide a customer with suitable advice at the moment he/she requires it. Direct contact is therefore, in order to gain the best solutions, indispensable.

Our sales team is there for you on a daily basis and possesses thorough technical knowledge of all the belt types in our assortment. They can also think along with you about aspects concerning interface with the installations. The earlier we think along with you in this design process, the larger the chance on a good final result. This is important, since the choice of a particular belt can have considerable consequences for the design of the further installation.

We are glad to notice that you have found our website. Our organisation is also, next to the extensive product information, represented comprehensively. Furthermore, the paramount markets in which we are active are explained in detail. Our vision is that the website supports our (potential) customers with the decision-making process of the most appropriate belt type. Next to that, it provides (potential) customers of the ability to individually estimate whether Tribelt could be a proper (alternative) supplier for your metal belts. Therefore, we believe that it is of major importance that the website provides the information you as a customer would expect. In case you still notice that certain information you would like to be informed about is missing, please let us know (e-mail directly), since we then can work immediately on it.